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Hand Held devices

Hand Held Devices are becoming the leading reasons for distracted drivers.
While distracted, drivers are not aware of emergencies crews and Tow truck drivers on the side of the road!
Every State in the Unites States has laws on different Hand Held devices and driving.
(Each state varies on these laws! Do you know the law in your state?)

Cold Hard Facts

In the United States, estimated every 2(two) seconds another text message is being sent to a cellular phone. 

it is estimated every One Minute and 30 thirty seconds one person is either injured or killed in a car accident by a distracted driver. 

With drivers under the age of 20 years of age,  it has been showed that at least 10% of all Fatal crashes with minors was caused by a distracted driver.  

27 (twenty-seven) percent of all Fatality crashes were caused by Drivers in their 20's (twenties) that was distracted. 

At 55 (Fifty-Five) miles per hour, looking at your hand held device, and not on the road you have traveled over 100 (One Hundred) yards blindly. 

20 (Twenty) Percent of teens and 10 (ten) percent of parents admit having text conversations at least once while they were driving.

When You pick Up the Keys Put Down The Phone!!